Embedded System

Global CyberSoft has designed and implemented embedded systems software since 2003. We offer a broad range of reliable embedded software development for key components of the mobile, telecommunications, consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive and IOT, for example software for network routers and switches, passive optical network equipment, set top boxes, mobile devices, automotive ECU, healthcare equipment, sensor based IOT systems, camera based system and many other devices, using a variety of CPUs and development environments. We believe that high-quality code should be a blend of art and rigid quality control. GCS engineers demonstrate this belief by producing code that balances flexible, creative design with real time constraints.

Our services:
  • Application porting & developing
  • Middleware porting & developing
  • OS and firmware integration
  • Device driver & BSP
  • Real time system developing
  • Optimization
  • System maintenance
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GCS have expertise in design and development for the software/firmware in various domains:

  • Mobile
    • Application and middleware development for feature phones, smart phones and tablets
    • Game development
    • AR, VR
  • Telecommunications
    • Router, Switch, Passive Optical Network
    • 4G LTE, 5G sub-system
    • VoIP
  • Consumer electronics
    • Set-top box, CCTV, Printer
  • Healthcare
    • Ventilator, Proton Therapy System
  • Automotive
    • AUTOSAR MCAL Development
    • AUTOSAR System Porting, Integrating and Developing
    • Automotive Gateway platform development (Firmware Update OTA, In-Vehicle Connected Platform, In-vehicle Diagnostics system, Hypervisor)
    • IVI/HUD integration
  • IOT
    • Smart Home, Elderly Care
    • Energy Metering
    • Smart Traffic, Public Safety
Programming languages/tools
  • C/C++, Java, Python, .NET
  • Objective-C, Swift, HTML5/JS3
  • IPv4, IPv6
Microprocessor / MCU
  • Intel XSCALE, x86
  • ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, Freescale
  • Freescale, Atmel AVR
  • DSPs
  • Embedded Linux, Unix, Solaris, Montavista, uClinux
  • FreeRTOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, RTLinux
  • VxWorks, AUTOSAR OS, Nucleus, ITRON, Toppers, OSE, Integrity
  • Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Symbian
Middleware / Framework
  • XMPP, MQTT, Alljoyn, Mbed
  • OpenGL, GTK, X, AWT, QT, DirectFB
  • SIP, RTP, H.323, VOIP
  • J2ME, OSGi
  • ISO 26262, MISRA-C
  • GENIVI IVI, Tizen, Automotive Grade Linux
  • MBD
Machine Learning / Computer vision
  • OpenCV, Caffe, Tensorflow, Theano
  • Face recognition, Vehicle Recognition, Object movement detection
  • Deep learning, GPU analytics
  • BLE, NFC, ZigBee, LoRa, Sub-1G
Embedded software design, development and maintenance:
  • Software requirements specification
  • Prototyping, modeling and simulation development
  • Architecture and detailed design
  • Implementation and unit test
  • Host interface development
  • Platform development
  • Re-platforming (porting)
Verification and Validation services:
  • Software test plan for software only or hardware/software integration
  • Functional and system validation
  • Test cases, test execution and test strategy development
  • Code review, unit tests
  • Inspection of test development and product delivery validation
  • Standards compliant validation (e.g. Autosar)

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