Collaboration Model

Project-based/ Fixed Cost is one of three collaboration models in GCS. With this model, scope of work and project cost are determined at the beginning of the project.

The project is fully controlled by GCS management and follows GCS software development processes. GCS delivers work products to the client at every milestone.

With the Offshore Development Centre (ODC)/ Time & Materiall collaboration model, GCS’ dedicated team meets our client’s request for skills, knowledge and culture. Our team is a part of the client’s team, works under client management and assignment, at the client’s site or at GCS. Our infrastructure and security measures are designed to meet the client's specific standards.

The hybrid collaboration model is a mixed model of Project-based and ODC.

When the scope of work is difficult to estimate the project size/ cost, GCS can provide the ODC collaboration model to the client and then switch to the project-based/ fixed cost model.


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