Baggage Handling System

Baggage Handling System (BHS)

Global CyberSoft’s team of experienced engineers can develop baggage handling systems for your needs. An example of such a system includes the conveyor system at airports used to transport checked baggage from ticket counter to airplane or from airplane to baggage claim area. To serve thousands of passengers a day, the baggage handling system needs to work robustly and integrate with other airport software systems, different complex hardware and PLCs.

A Baggage Handling System (BHS) usually includes two main modules: Information System and Control System (for control of panels, scanners, conveyors, make-up chutes, and sorters).

BHS Information System: Mainly deployed in Center Control Room to provide operators and administrators with various complicated functions.

BHS Control System: Has two major sub-systems:

  • SCADA server: Interfaces with PLC Control System to control and monitor all the conveyors inside the BHS system (start/stop the system, control and monitor conveyors, display PLCs and conveyors’ status, display sorter cart status, display operation log, and display operation alarms / events).
  • PLC Control System: Includes control panels and different types of PLCs (i.e. bar-code reader, check-in PLC, screening PLC, main sorter PLC).

Core features of BHS:

  • Create an online connection to the airport host system (i.e. CUTE, FIDS) to obtain flight schedule and baggage information. Based on this information, the BHS Server instructs the automatic transference of departure baggage to a specific make-up point.
  • Integrate with PLC layer in Control System and assign the baggage’s destination so that PLC controlled conveyors can forward the baggage to the correct make-up point.
  • Display BHS operational information and report.
  • Allow the manual input of operational parameters.

Benefit of GCS’ Baggage Handling System:

  • Employ the latest BHS technology (in partnership with a major Japanese vendor).
  • Multi-language support (i.e. English, Japanese, Vietnamese).
  • Flexible and accurate operations.
  • Competitive cost.
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