Retail Management System

FlexBA POS - RMS (Retail Management System)

Global CyberSoft offers custom integrated Point of Sales (POS) and Retail Management System (RMS) solutions for streamlining your retail operations, improving customer service and centralizing information. 

Using FlexBA POS – RMS, GCS can create complete and customizable integrated Point of Sales (POS) and Retail Management System (RMS) solutions for your needs. FlexBA POS – RMS can operate independently or be integrated with ERP/Accounting, e-Commerce and Call Center systems to streamline all your retail operations such as merchandising, inventory management, customer loyalty, and POS via various sales channels and multiple stores.

Core features of FlexBA POS - RMS:

  • POS and Store Operations: Quickly create and process sales orders, returns and refunds; quick access to prices, stock availability, stock location and customer history (i.e. orders, membership, points); support the processing of sales orders with all payment methods including cash, cards, voucher, deposit, and earned points; support the use of PDA and tablets (for sales consultants) to access customer information, product information and provide instant consultation to customers.
  • Merchandising / Purchasing: Automate your entire procurement process from purchase order to goods receipt and integrate with an accounting system to complete vendor invoicing payment.
  • Inventory Management: Manage inventory across multiple warehouses/stores, track item movement/item history; integrate with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Warehouse Handling Systems (WHS).
  • Customer Management & Loyalty: Easily set up discounts, promotions, and sales to increase customer loyalty; flexibly manage pricing to give special offers to your most valued/preferred customers; support sending targeted mailings and SMS with offers and promotions to selected customers.
  • e-Commerce, Call Center and Accounting Integration: Connect to e-Commerce, Call Center and Accounting systems to fully automate business processes from multi-channel sales front-ends to back offices.
  • Reports and Multi-dimensional Analytic: View analytical information via multiple dimensions: customer, product (i.e. SKU, brand, department), store/location, user, and time (i.e. day, week, month, quarter, year).

Benefits of FlexBA POS – RMS:

  • Increase revenue per customer by offering appropriate promotions, bundles, up-sells and cross-sells.
  • Increase customer loyalty through better customer services & customer experiences (i.e. Points, Promotions, Buying history, Multi-channel). 
  • Decrease inventory loss by end-to-end control and real time tracking. 
  • Decrease lost sales by inventory search with information visible between all levels of warehouses and stores. 
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and operation cost and increase profit.
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