FlexBA E-Commerce

A custom social e-Commerce Solution can be used for store owners, distributors and wholesalers, export and import companies, as well as ISP and web hosting providers who want to offer an e-Commerce/e-Store solution or online retail channel. Our professionals can integrate e-Commerce with back office, POS and Retail Management System to enable a complete multi-channel retail management solution.

Using FlexBA e-Commerce, a social e-Commerce software solution which supports a full e-Commerce life-cycle, your business can:

  • Attract and acquire customer interest, including association of social shopping features
  • Interact with customers turning interests into orders
  • Act upon an order, processing and managing orders and delivery
  • React and engage with customers after sales and provide customer services
  • Retain customer loyalty, manage customer data and provide support for decision improvement

Core features of FlexBA e-Commerce:

  • E-Commerce core: Handle catalog, price, inventory, media contents, search-engine-optimization (SEO), personalized guided sell, shopping cart, payment, and shipping
  • Marketing and customer loyalty: handle email campaign, website integration, survey, coupons, points, discounts, and event base.
  • Customer services and social features: Support order status management, knowledge base, issue management, review, rating/voting, chat support, clubs, blogs, recommendations, integrate social networking with the shopping experience to facilitate customers’ decision to purchase, leveraging the customers’ social graph for decision making.
  • Analytic and reports: Analyze customer behaviors, support different dashboards and various reports.
  • IntegrationFlexBA POS - RMS, accounting system, payment (i.e. PayPal, CyberSource, nganluong.vn and shipping gateways (i.e.FedEx, UPS).

Benefits of FlexBA eCommerce:

  • Design a web experience that is customer centric
  • Attract more customers
  • Increase revenue per customer by offering promotions, bundles, up-sells and cross-sells
  • Increase customer retention through better customer services & experiences (i.e. points, promotions, buying history, multi-channel)
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