Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Global CyberSoft provides a sophisticated solution for manufacturers to identify their pain points in production, improve manufacturing and engineering processes, deliver the correct data to the right person, and provide an holistic picture of the enterprise plant in real time.

Manufacturing Operations Management Solutions include two major components: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI).

Manufacturing Execution System: GCS’s MES solution enables the accurate and efficient management and monitoring of production in factory floors, keeping track of all manufacturing information in real time and collecting up-to-the-minute data from automation systems, field devices and operators, to maximize productivity and reduce production cycle.

Benefits of MES:

  • Manage recipes automatically
  • Manage detailed schedules and priorities.
  • Track and trace production
  • Trace key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Report production performance
  • Enable intelligent decisions for production and cost management
  • Measure and manage Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Manage resources (i.e.labor, equipment, inventory…)

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI): GCS offers an integrated solution to EMI that is tied to MES and SCADA for data collection from various sources and transforms data into meaningful information. It delivers the needed information to the right persons at the right time, improves productivity with low additional cost and greatly reduces time to market.

Core features of EMI:

  • Aggregation & Contextualization: Collect data from multiple sources and combine and transform data into meaningful information that is easy to locate.
  • Analysis: Offer real-time reports across various data sources from multiple production sites allowing management to understand and analyze data for making timely decisions.
  • Visualization: Allow the viewing of data from different perspectives.
  • Propagation: Transfer data bi-directionally between management and plant-floor.
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