Equipment Firmware & Control Systems

Equipment firmware & Control Systems

Global CyberSoft has demonstrated significant expertise managing complex software and firmware projects for medical and healthcare equipments. By providing a wide range of services, we have developed a comprehensive perspective that allows us to meet differing business needs - from low-level embedded systems integration to higher level applications and more

Our services

  • Firmware development for measurement equipments, and industrial control systems
  • Firmware development for Medical/Healthcare equipments
  • Development for real-time system using No-OS or RT-OS
  • Code improvement and optimization

Our expertise

  • Experience in development with different real time systems
    • VxWorks
    • QNX
    • Nucleus
    • ITRON
    • RTLinux
    • Proprietary scheduling system without any OS
  • Experience in medical firmware development, testing (familiar with FDA tests), and maintenance
  • Experience in implementing medical control system
  • Experience in revert engineering, code refactoring, calibrating and optimizing real time and critical systems
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