Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture Committee (CCC)

In Vietnamese, CCC also stands for “Con Chuon Chuon”, meaning dragon-fly, symbolic of the varied personal development activities GCS is committed to providing its employees. CCC is a special community in the company that offers employees various activities to participate in: Football League, Tai-chi Club, Dancing Club, English Club, Charity Group, to name a few. Through these groups, employees have a chance to nurture friendships and affiliations with their colleagues. The goal is to develop a company culture that not only fosters innovation, excellence, and leadership, but also one that allows for creativity, personal fulfillment and enjoyment. Through the culture, the company aims to act as one big family, where every member is committed to and enjoys helping one another.

US working style

  • Flexible Time Schedule:

All employees have the freedom to work flexibly with their time schedules. Staff have the option to come to work from 8h30 to 9h30 and finish from 17h30 to 18h30 or whenever they complete their task.

  • Dress Code:

To foster an environment for innovation and creative power, employees can wear free style clothes on every working day, except the clothes that are inappropriate in working place. Smart casual wear like jeans, sport shoes, sandals are accepted. This helps employees feel comfortable in work and thus promotes open mind thinking without any barrier. At Global CyberSoft, everyday is a day for employees to explore their work and enjoy their life.

  • Happy Hour:

Once per quarter, staff are assembled for a company-wide meeting where the board of management shares recent updates on business operations followed by a celebration to toast to  good news and achievements. The happy hour gives employees the chance to learn more about their companies, developments from different departments, and be proud of the esteemed company they are part of.

  • Open Office

GCS has a large open office space that promotes effective group work or individual work. The open space also enables the mind to stay fresh and lucid, and provides a stress-less environment. work or individual work. The open space also enables the mind to stay fresh and lucid, and provides a stress-less environment.

  • Friendly and Nurturing Environment

A good working environment is the basis on which employee motivation thrives. Influenced in part by successful working environments in Silicon Valley, GCS has built open and friendly offices and formed a company culture of creativity and sharing. We follow a strategy to allow our employees to feel comfortable while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Managers have the ability to organize labor resources more in line with the varying needs of clients, or with peaks and troughs of demand. Employees have more control of their time and can easily arrange their work with other activities. The purpose of this strategy is to create a friendly and effective working environment where everyone can work to their potential while enjoying what they do.

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