Career Planning

Career Planning


People are our most important assets. At Global CyberSoft, we realize a strong and motivated workforce is crucial to our present and future success. Enhancing and maximizing this resource is therefore a critical strategic goal.

All new employees are required to successfully complete an extensive training program to prepare for future assignments.Training includes:

  • Mandatory company-based training during the first two months of hiring. New hired employees are provided basic technical skill courses and soft skill courses.
  • Specific departmental training as assigned by the department manager.
  • Our CP4 (Career Planning for the first 4 years) program is implemented for all employees. The purpose of the program is to:
    • Set development targets that meet personal career goals and provide Global CyberSoft with a highly-skilled and flexible workforce
    • Share feedback about achievements and challenges so staff and managers can remove blocks to progress and celebrate achievements

All employees are offered attractive, professional training programs, including:

  • Specialized advanced technical training by company and external experts, at home and abroad
  • Project-based training as requested or required by clients
  • Special management skills training program
  • English and French language club under the guidance of native speakers
  • In-house English/Japanese language course for all registered employees and external courses for selected employees

Career Development

Global CyberSoft developed the CP4 Program (see section on Training). The goal of our CP4 program is to get to know our employees and help them develop an attractive career plan for their first 4 years at GCS. This near long-term vision ensures employee motivation remains high and talent is retained.

There are three primary career paths at Global CyberSoft: 

  • Software Engineer: Junior engineers are encouraged to develop their general technical skills in software engineering and advance up their divisions or departments. Advancement is based on merit and quality of work.
  • Technical Expert: Experienced engineers are encouraged to develop a focused technical skill in a specific domain; this ultimately benefits their careers and the advancement of the company as a whole.
  • Management: Engineers with good management skills are awarded projects and teams to manage. They are ultimately responsible for managing clients, maintaining and building GCS’ reputation.
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